Second Illustration Project

I honestly feel that this illustration project shows my improvement from my other illustration becasue I worked better with the pen tool and my lines were pretty much exact to the outline of the picture. I also knew how to better use the gradience tool so my illustration looked much better and more realistic. It was as sloppy as my first illustration project and I also used new tools like the brush tool, which gave it more effect.

The biggest challenge I faced with this project was just getting everything traced the correct way with the pen tool and making sure everything filled with the right color. If that didn’t happen I just used the blob brush for the very little gaps you couldn’t see from far away. I filled them in with color with the blob brush and you really couldn’t tell the difference or that I made a little mistake with the pen tool. I wouldn’t make any changes to this project though because there were no limits. There were limitless possibilities.

I plan to start using the blob brush and the regular brush strokes tool with other future projects of mine. The pen tool really comes in handy as well and it you take your time and do it right the first time the pen tool is going to make the project look sharp.