Feedback Blog

I really liked this digital design II class. It made me think with my creative side I didn’t know I had. I learned a lot on how to use computers and their programs. I enjoyed this class and would highly reccomend it to other kids. I think entering the course I was anticipating on making really cool movie poster and projects I could relate to, and that’s exactly what this course was about. I experienced what I wanted and I was glad. I would have to say I liked both formats of the course. In the beginning the more direct course helped get me started on the basics and gave me a feel of what I was going to be doing more independently. So with the self-guided format it was much easier to follow and work with. I could do what I wanted and the options were endless. I also new how to use the tools and programs much better because of the direct format. The only problem I had was with the self-guided format because it was hard for me to keep up with two turorial updates every other week. Sometimes the tutorials weren’t very good ones and I couldn’t finish them so I didn’t complete the updates. Also it was dificult remebering which week the tutorial updates were due and which week the project updates were due. I would rate my instuctor on a scale of 1-10 and 9.5. Nobody is perfect so I didn’t rate a complete ten, but my instructor did a very good job at directing the kids on what was going on and what we had to do. He showed us the basics first and then once we got a feel for that he let us go on independentlly, which I liked a lot. He really brought out our creative side I thought. I wouldn’t really change anything about the course and I would certainly take this course a second time. I have all these new projects I’ve already  been thinking about doing!